With only 5 amateur fights under her belt in 2009 Yolanda Ezell went to the USA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS representing Ca., and brought home the Bronze medal!  She then went on to win the DESERT SHOW DOWN WORLD TITLE BELT, 2 time California GOLDEN GLOVES Winner, USA NATIONAL GOLDEN GLOVES Bronze medal by beating the girl that was ranked number 1 in the Nation in the first round of the national tournament.

Yolanda broke her thumb in that first fight of the tournament but continued the tournament taking home another National Bronze medal.

End of 2011 while ranked 3rd in the nation as an amateur boxer Yolanda decided to turn professional relocated to Las Vegas to train with the legendary Boxing trainer and mentor Floyd Mayweather Sr.  She won her PRO debut with a stunning 21 second Knockout in the first round ...

As a model seeking to keep fit and healthy, Yolanda always looked for energizing ways to exercise.  So, when a modeling friend mentioned that she boxed as part of her workout regimen, Yolanda was intrigued.  At the time, this friend appeared on a cable TV show called the "Perfect 10 Model Boxers".  A quick call to the recruiters and one team work-out-later, and Ms. Knockout was part of the troupe and well on her way.  

Since boxing is a sport that encourages discipline and inspires confidence -- key traits that Yolanda took with her from her careers as a model and corporate executive - it should come as no surprise that she turned her can-do attitude into a triumphant formula for boxing success.  

The natural athlete (who won college scholarships in cross country and tennis) began boxing semi-professionally several years ago after being discovered by celebrity boxing trainer David Paul.  He stated that her skill level accelerated faster than anyone he had ever trained before.

Beauty, brains, and brawn .... a powerful combination, indeed!

But how does she deal with naysayers, those who believe boxing should remain a male-dominated sport, or that women's can't be feminine and still be good at boxing?

Yolanda says, "Personally, I believe that you can be girly and still be really tough.  A lot of times when female athletes get into sports, they feel like they have to do it like a boy, dress like a boy and be the opposite of who they really are.  I like dressing like a girl.  Once after an amateur fight, I took my helmet off, and heard an official say, "Does she have makeup on?  And I said, "Yes, I'm a girly girl and smiled.  Just because I"m tough, does not take away from me being girly.  I won, by the way!"

Yes, she's beautiful women, a KNOCKOUT, indeed.